Welcome to our FAQs page.


Here we will try to answer all of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

Before contacting us with your enquiry, please read this guide first.


You can order Wildward products online from our webshop, payment methods are direct bank transfer or PayPal. If you have any questions about the product or how to order, please don’t hesitate to contact us at vihe.vaellus@gmail.com.

Delivery times:

We consider all our products to be in two different categories: ready-to-order and made-to-order. Ready-to-order can be ordered when there is stock available and they are subject to availability. Made-to-order items are items manufactured in our workshop and are made when the order is placed. If they are marked as in stock, it means that we have the materials for them. Made-to-order items may be considered as ‘out of stock’ when manufacturing materials are unavailable.

Most Vihe Vaellus products are considered to be in the made-to-order category, and are handmade to order – ‘Add to order’ often means we will start to prepare your product. We normally allow around 2-3 weeks for manufacture of our larger items.

For ready-to-order items, we generally ship our items within 2 to 3 business days if the items are available in the store.

We will ship your entire order when we have all the items unless there is a different agreement.

Custom manufacturing is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that our workshop is closed on weekends, so while queries may be answered during this time, production only occurs during the week.

Is there an actual Wildward / Vihe Vaellus shop that I can visit in person?

No. We only offer products for sale via our website and by Email.

Where do you ship to?

We can deliver to most countries where our postal service allows. If your country is not provided in our list simply email us and we can deal with your order there.

What shipping company do you use?

All shipping is handled via Posti Group Oyj, the Finnish postal service.

Prices vary depending on the destination & weight of your order.

An item is out of stock – when will it be restocked?

We may not have an exact date for restocking, so it is best to visit our Online Shop regularly.


Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Cordage provided with our shelters:

Vihe Vaellus shelters are provided with an amount of cordage which is intended to allow use of our shelters direct from the package.