Vihe Bugnets offer the opportunity to hike light and overnight spaciously.
• The material for our bugnets is a light, loosely-woven nylon (not actual net) : keeps even the small gnats and midges out.
• You can leave the bugnet out when not needed, and install when necessary. You can also use the detachable bugnet in e.g. log shelters and wilderness huts.
• Good ventilation : there is 5-20 cm of airspace between the bugnet and laavu material.
• There are attachment points in Vihe laavus and loues for fastening the bugnet.
• All Vihe bugnets are totally enclosed, offering complete protection from biting insects.

There are three sizes of Vihe Bugnet.
• Vihe Bugnet Laavu 1 – To fit the Vihe Laavu 1.
• Vihe Bugnet Laavu 2 – To fit the Vihe Laavu 2.
• Vihe Bugnet Minilaavu – To fit the Vihe Minilaavu.