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Brand new addition to the Vihe product family, the Loue 1 XL shelter is light in weight and functions extremely well with a camp fire in front of it. Loue 1 XL is similar in design and function to Vihe Loue 1, the difference being that the XL model is completed with an extra wide back wall making the available internal space significantly larger. The shelter forms a spacious semicircle when set up and the darts attached to the rear seams help keep the shelter taut providing excellent protection against wind and rain.

Basically an open-sided shelter similar to half a tipi or kota. For a basic setup, pitch the apex at around 150 – 180 cm using a tree or other available pole, and fasten the base to the ground. Place the Loue so that the prevailing winds blow across the opening of the loue – rather than from behind or infront – so that smoke from your fire is taken away rather than creating any eddies or blowing directly into the shelter.



  • Material: PU Nylon
  • Silver coating on underside to reflect heat and light
  • Traditional Finnish design
  • Capacity:
  • Width of opening:
  • Diameter:
  • Height: Variable (around 140cm – two poles)
  • Depth: 1.6 m
  • Weight:

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