To prolong the life of your Vihe product and help it to withstand weather better, you should waterproof all seams using a substance designed for use on textiles, paying particular attention to the more horizontal roof seams, and follow care instructions carefully. Do not allow your product to sag while in use as water pooling on seams can allow water to seep through. If sagging is unavoidable, taping the inner seams will prevent leakage. All Vihe products are fully waterproof if used as intended.


Cleaning Instructions:

  • Fill a large basin with lukewarm or cold water. Add a capful of gentle shampoo or soap for hand washables. Never use bleach.
  • Dunk the product gently in and out of the water. Use gentle motions and avoid rough handling or agitation.
  • Rinse twice, or until the water runs clear and all soap residue is removed.
  • Remove excess water carefully from the product. Avoid wringing or twisting, which may stretch the fabric and distort the shape of the product (especially in the case of bugnets).
  • Hang the product to dry in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight.

To remove mould due to improper storage or care, there might be some gentle mould-removers for fabric but the use of these have not been tested on our products. The traditional (and organic) Finnish way of killing mould spores is to soak the fabric in buttermilk (piimä). This should remove the spores but will probably not remove the actual stains from the fabric.


Repair Instructions:

  • Clean the area around the damage carefully.
  • Use a small patch of duct-tape or tent repair fabric to cover the hole.
  • Do the same on both sides if waterproofness has been compromised.


Storage Instructions:

Always ensure that your Vihe products are clean and dry before storing away.

  • Remove any mud, dirt, and plant fragments from the product and hang in a dry place to remove any moisture before storing.