» » » Kintulammi: Old forest walk

Kintulammi: Old forest walk

Location: Tampere, Finland

Language: English / Japanese

Duration: approx. 4.5h (time includes transportation time of approximately 35min one way).

Start / End time: To be agreed

Distance: approx. 3km


  • 200 euros / group (Max 4 persons).
  • Group larger than 4 participants, 45 euros / each extra person.
  • Transportation from Tampere centre included.



Take a leisurely hike with us in the beautiful Finnish nature of the Kintulammi nature reserve near Tampere. We will be introducing Finnish nature and forest culture while enjoying the old growth forests.

A wonderful opportunity for all members of the family to enjoy time together and experience what the great outdoors has to offer.

Trip includes nature games and activities for children to learn nature (Trees, plants, wildlife…), nature knowledge for adults, and camp fire cooking.


Participants need to have:

  • Clothing suitable for light day-hike in the forest.
  • Suitable food to be cooked on a campfire, eg. sausages, marshmallows, etc.
  • Your own drinks (non-alcoholic only).
  • Rain gear.
  • Back pack to carry your own items.


* This trip uses smaller paths and tracks, which are not good for buggies or wheelchairs, but are easy walking.
* Please consider the other members of the group and switch your mobile phones on to silent mode.
* We are very sorry, but for safety and/or allergy reasons, we can’t allow customers to bring their dogs along with them on our trips.



For bookings and enquiries contact us at info@wildward.com (use “Bookings” as subject)





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