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V’ Tent Pegs 18cm & 30cm

The V-shaped design of these tent pegs means that they hold securely even in softer ground. They hold your shelter more securely than regular pin pegs which may pull out or rotate when under excessive force. The aluminium pegs (18 cm) stack well together, so they take little space when packed. The steel pegs (30 cm) are better for softer or sandy ground where extra support is required. All Rust Proof.




Aluminium ‘V’ Tent Peg 18cm – €4.99 for 6 pegs or €8.99 for 12

Length: 180mm
Width: 20mm
Weight: 14g


Galvanised Steel ‘V’ Tent Stake 30cm – €8.99 for 5 pegs or €16 for 10

Length: 300mm
Width: 20mm
Weight: 62g




18cm Aluminium (6 pegs), 18cm Aluminium (12 pegs), 30cm Galv.Steel (5 pegs), 30cm Galv.Steel (10 pegs)


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