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German M18 helmet, WW1, ear cut-out – Repro

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German M18 helmet, WW1, ear cut-out – Excellent reproduction


This modified version of the M1918 helmet was first given to the German troops on the Western front in August 1918.
The main reason for this alteration was the fact that the standard model prevented good hearing within the trenches.
As the war was over 3 months later, not many of these helmets had even reached the front, so this helmet is rather scarce and original pieces cost more than a thousand Euros now.


This reproduction is of outstanding quality, made for reenactors and collectors alike.


18 gauge steel, so this helmet weighs exactly the same as the original helmet: 1.3 kgs./2.75 lbs.
Helmet size is “Kopfweite Gr.60” (hat size 60).


The bolts on each side of the helmet were intended to carry a protection shield against snipers, which was very heavy and not very popular amongst the soldiers.



Weight 1500 g


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