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M40/55 Finnish Helmet – Original


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For collectors and reenactors.

These helmets are 100% genuine German made WWII type M40 steel combat helmets, produced by German WWII helmet manufacturer Hans R mer Fabrik in Neu-Ulm (Donau-Freiberg).

Supplied under special contract for the Finnish Army in 1955, these have become known as the M40/55 helmet. However, these helmets were made in the same factory, on the same machines and by some of the very same people that produced helmets for Germany in WWII. They are nearly identical to WWII issue M40 s, with the classic rolled edge, correct steel thickness, and pressed ventilation holes.

The leather liners and chin straps are Finnish Army issue; styles vary, as some helmets in use up until the early 1970s. These liners may also have required drilling additional liner holes in the helmet.

It is also believed that some are WWII M40’s with the markings “sanitized” meaning some are genuine WWII shells that had all stampings rubbed out and original paint removed to avoid the allied ban on West Germany selling war material after WW2.

Helmet complete with Finnish issue leather liner & chinstrap.

Condition is good to very good (signs of use may be present, eg, small repaired dents ,scratches to paint, etc).

Colours vary from Grey to Green.

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