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Vihe 3×3 Tarp


A 290 x 290 cm sized tarp with 9 lashing points: 8 around the edges and 1 on top.

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A 290 x 290 cm sized tarp with altogether 9 lashing points: 8 around the edges and 1 on top. Depending on the method of setting up, Vihe 3×3 tarp provides shelter for 1 – 4 people.

The material used for the 3×3 tarp is durable silver-backed PU nylon, which reflects both light and heat inside the shelter. UV protected.

Product supplied in own bag with cordage.



  • Material: Durable PU Nylon
  • UV-Protected
  • Aluminium coating on underside to reflect heat and light
  • Capacity: 1 – 4 people
  • Size: 290x290cm
  • Weight: n. 700 g
  • Handmade in Finland


This product is Made-to-Order and will be placed in the production queue when you order.


In order to keep your Vihe Vaellus product in tip-top condition, make sure to check out our Vihe Vaellus Care Instructions.



About Us

Vihe Vaellus – Finnish brand founded in 1979

Specialists in lean-to shelters and tarps

Based in Finland, we manufacture light-weight tarp shelters and camping accessories. Our products represent Nordic wilderness tradition at its best. Vihe shelters are designed to be used with a camp fire in front of them, and serve as a light and functional alternative to a tent – with the added bonus of bringing you closer to the surrounding nature. Perfect for bushcraft, hiking, backpacking, survival, hunting, fishing, scouts and camping.

All our products are handmade in Finland.

Vihe Vaellus proudly boasts the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish Work as a demonstration of our products being manufactured in Finland.


Weight 700 g
Dimensions 290 x 290 cm
Please note:

Handmade to order – See main shop text for delivery times.


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