Vihe Vaellus was established in 1979 in Finland and has gone on to become recognised worldwide for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each individual piece.

Based in Finland, I manufacture light-weight tarp shelters and camping accessories. Vihe Vaellus products represent Nordic wilderness tradition at its best. Vihe shelters are designed to be used with a camp fire in front of them, and serve as a light and functional alternative to a tent – with the added bonus of bringing you closer to the surrounding nature. Perfect for bushcraft, hiking, backpacking, survival, hunting, fishing, scouts and camping.

All Vihe Vaellus products are entirely handmade in Finland.

Vihe Vaellus proudly boasts the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish Work as a demonstration of all Vihe Vaellus products being manufactured in Finland.

All Vihe Vaellus shelters are handmade to order and will be added to the production queue when your order is placed. They are marked with the ‘Order Now’ button. ‘Order now’ means your product will be placed in the production queue.

Production times can vary depending on the product ordered / availability of materials for production / number of orders in the production queue.

Please be aware that periods of high demand can make production times longer. I will ship the whole order when I have all the items unless there is a different agreement. Custom items are handled on case-by-case basis.

The material used for all Vihe shelters is a durable PU nylon which is light in weight and has an aluminium coating on one side to reflect the heat from a campfire.

Vihe Laavu 1
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Vihe Laavu 2
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Vihe Minilaavu
Vihe Minilaavu

Kevyt ja ainutlaatuinen Minilaavu on pieni 1-2 hengen majoite, joka toimii parhaiten kun edessä lämmittää pieni leirinuotio.


5 / 5
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Vihe 3×3 Tarp
Vihe 3×3 Tarp

290 x 290 cm oleva kangas, jossa on sivuissa 8 kpl sekä yläpuolella 1 kpl kiinnitysnaruja.

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Vihe Mini-Tarp
Vihe Mini-Tarp

Yhden hengen majoite, jossa on 9 kiinnitysnarua: 8 sivuissa ja 1 yläpuolella.

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